What’s old is new again.

There are a handful of products that are just plain better in their truest form. I’m talking about the classics. From a bottle of Coca-Cola made with real cane sugar to a vintage Triumph Bonneville, sometimes newer isn’t better.

Here is the list of the top 17 timeless classics, in my opinion:

1.) You grandma’s chocolate cake recipe. To tamper with that thing would be sacrilegious.

2.) Jennifer Aniston.


Seriously – does she get better with age? #swoon

3.) Leather boots that have been broken in and show cracks and scars from the life they’ve walked under.

4.) The older the better for whiskey. Fun fact: a bottle of 64-year-old Macallan recently sold for $460,000.

5.) Obligatory, but true: classic cars.

6.) As new friends come and go, there is nothing like the group of friends you grew up with. The OG crew. Your first squad. The ones who saw you get your braces on, get them off, get them back on because you didn’t wear your retainer (idiot), fall in love, embarrass yourself, make mistakes, grow, change, and become the person you are. These are your best friends for life.

7.) Maybe it’s just me, but: vintage bicycles. Pending all the parts are still in production should something need repair.


Santa, if you’re listening I would like a vintage Cannondale 54′ (blue, if you have it).

8.) The classic white tee.

9.) Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. I rest my case.

10.) The original song/movie. Remakes always pump you up, but usually fall short of the original.

11.) Star Wars Ep. 4,5,6 > Ep. 1,2,3.

12.) Appliances. Is this weird? I just have such a soft spot for the 50’s style look.


13.) Maybe this is just me, but: the watch. I want to look down at my wrist and know what time it is. No more and no less. I don’t want to see a news report, a local weather update, or read my text messages. I just want a watch and I want people to stop calling a smartphone strapped to your wrist a ‘watch’. Tangent over.

14.) Cheese pizza. If you put pineapple on my pie consider yourself dropped.

15.) Modern dating is the bane of my existence. “Things”. “Hook-Ups”. “This guy I’m talking to”. YOU’RE EITHER DATING OR YOU’RE NOT AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN EITHER MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE JUNK OR LET’S YOU GET AWAY WITH THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T. Consult the guru to learn more.

16.) Flipping the pages of a real book. (Added bonus: a used book that smells, well, like a used book. Don’t pretend that you don’t like it too…).

17.) The denim gods have heard my prayers because classic Levi’s are back and it seems like they are here to stay…

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